State-of-the-art leather goods production using no-code robotics

Galli SpA, Italy

When robotics is no longer just a matter for experts


Galli SpA develops innovative systems and machines for the leather goods industry. The leading Italian company offers a large product portfolio for a wide range of applications and supplies individual ma-chines tailored to customer requirements.

For the production of leather goods, numerous work steps are necessary and it is important to guaran-tee a high and consistent quality. Many processes have to be supported or carried out by employees, but often involve very monotonous or unergonomic tasks.

ArtiMinds Robotics  in use at Galli in Italy

In order to increase productivity and also remain globally competitive, Galli was asked by a customer to develop a customized automation solution that could handle the grinding, polishing and dyeing of the edges of leather pieces, e.g. for belts or bags.


To achieve the highest possible level of automation, Galli added a robot to the specially designed ma-chine to take over the steps previously performed manually. However, since the process could not be fully automated throughout and temporary support for the worker was still necessary, it was decided to integrate a cobot from Universal Robots.

First the robot picks up the leather pieces from the box and guides them to the machine. In order to process the edges and carry out the actual work step, it moves the leather pieces back and forth along their cut edges on firmly positioned, paint-impregnated rollers. The robot must constantly adjust its orientation and alignment so that the leather pieces touch down on the rollers in the correct way. Similar to the principle of a ballpoint pen, the ink is thus transferred to the leather edges.

A major challenge of the application is the large number of different belts, buckles and other leather goods that are processed with the machine. This is because the varying geometries require constant adaptation of the robot program.


“I can definitely recommend ArtiMinds to anyone who wants to integrate robots into their processes, even if they have little or no programming knowledge. In the run-up, we had also looked at other software solutions, but quickly realized that these were out of the question for us due to the high complexity in programming and for economic aspects.”

R&D Manager at Galli

ArtiMinds Robotics - Success Story Roberto Verduci Galli


Galli did not have any experience and touch points in the implementation of robotics applications up to that point. Therefore, Universal Robots recommended Roberto Verduci, R&D Manager at Galli, to take a look at the programming software ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS). He quickly realized what a great time saver and simplifier the intuitive, function block-based graphical programming was. He explains, “The software is so intuitive to use that we didn’t need to take any training.” Thanks to ArtiMinds, Galli was able to complete the project, from design to programming to implementation, without an external integrator.
“ArtiMinds RPS offers a wide range of predefined templates and features that guide and support the programmer to program even complex applications independently. Since the software generates native robot code, one is absolutely flexible at all times and can, for example, also make changes directly on the robot,” explains Verduci.

Thanks to the CAD2Path function of ArtiMinds RPS the problem of varying geometries can be easily solved. Instead of time-consuming teach-in of all points with the robot, (geometrically complex) profiles can be imported from CAD models and the software automatically generates the exact robot path from this. But it is not only this feature that leads to considerable time savings in the programming phase: “Auxiliary functions such as wizards simplify the parameterization of the individual function blocks. Thanks to the 3D simulation environment, it is possible to perform collision and reachability analyses already in the planning phase and in offline mode.”

Robot-based automation of processes previously carried out manually by the operator has increased productivity and produced a consistent quality result that, overall, was even higher than before. The use of robots also has positive effects in terms of personnel resources: Because the operator can now, on the one hand, ensure the smooth operation of the machine without much effort and, in parallel, take care of new and more important processes for which highly qualified know-how is required.
According to Verduci, there is no comparable alternative to the ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite: “With ArtiMinds, on the other hand, we found a really helpful tool with a convincing price-performance ratio.”


“Whenever we needed assistance with programming, our requests were always processed very quickly and an optimal solution was delivered. The helpfulness and professionalism of the ArtiMinds team is remarkable.”

Roberto Verduci, R&D Manager at Galli

Take Aways of the cobot application:

  • No-code robotics: ArtiMinds RPS automatically generates native robot code that runs on the robot manufacturer’s standard controller. This makes it possible to also make changes directly on the robot at any time.
  • The graphical, intuitive user interface makes it possible to integrate robots into your own processes even with little or no programming knowledge.
  • Offline programming: use CAD files to automatically create tool paths for complex geometries, perform collision and reachability tests, and calculate collision-free paths.
  • Auxiliary functions such as wizards simplify the parameterization of the individual function blocks.
  • Online support: The experts of ArtiMinds support the user in all phases of a robot application, if required.


In just a few minutes, we will show you how to plan, program, operate, analyze and optimize robot applications cost-efficiently, intuitively and easily with ArtiMinds RPS.

The non-binding free online demo is the perfect way to get a first impression of the software, the application portfolio and if it suits your needs.

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