Robot-based mechanical assembly

Automate demanding assembly applications economically and profitably

ArtiMinds RPS enables the automation of complex assembly applications in a wide range of industries. Parts made of rigid as well as flexible materials can be inserted, joined, clipped, riveted, glued or screwed together using using force-sensitive robot motions. Even challenging applications become economically feasible due to the easy integration of force sensors and automatic robot code generation allowing to quickly test different assembly strategies.

Different product variants, small batch sizes and short product life cycles often make the robot-based automation of assembly tasks unprofitable for companies. In addition, these are usually very complex and error-prone processes that can be solved more safely and quickly with human fine motor skills.


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ArtiMinds Robotics - Robot applications for mechanical assembly

Application example: Precise assembly of various components


For assembly processes it is often necessary to handle several components with one robot. To assemble a cylinder head for example, the fitting sleeves and the seal must first be inserted before the cylinder head is mounted. This shows that in most cases, the components also differ in material and geometry. Therefore complex gripper geometries are required. In the ArtiMinds RPS an automation with a multiple-TCP gripper solution is easy to implement.
The components have a high fitting accuracy and require a lot of sensitivity during assembly. Using the search algorithms of ArtiMinds RPS, the exact fitting position can be found first and afterwards the components can be inserted while compensating the lateral forces and moments.

ArtiMinds RPS is therefore the first choice when it comes to solving the most demanding assembly processes using industrial robots. With the help of sensor-adaptive templates, the robot software is able to execute force-sensitive processes such as clipping, screwing, riveting and plugging time-optimized and robustly or, for example, to even adapt the screwing speed. In the case of unsorted parts, a camera system can be easily integrated to localize and reliably grip the pieces. As the interfaces are already implemented in ArtiMinds a simple and effortless hardware integration is ensured.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Joining, plastic clips, plugs, rivets, screw screwing

Further application examples:

  • Joining parts with tight tolerances
  • Placement of plastic clips, seals, plugs or rivets
  • Gearbox and engine block mounting
  • Placing and fastening of screws
  • Realization of gluing applications

Industrial examples – short videos of real customer applications


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Why ArtiMinds Robotics?

ArtiMinds RPS meets the high requirements of mechanical assembly because of its sensor-adaptive and intelligent program templates . Its hardware independence allows you to remain flexible and save time, costs and human resources thanks to its simplified, intuitive and nevertheless robust robot programming.

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Highlights of ArtiMinds RPS for mechanical assembly:

  • Highly customizable assembly strategies
  • Fast solution finding
  • Suitable for rigid and flexible materials

As an innovative solution and service provider in the field of robotics, ArtiMinds offers outstanding support when it comes to implementing your automation solution. See for yourself in an online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - Simulate and test assembly strategies
ArtiMinds-Robotics_Implement robot-supported automation projects efficiently

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ArtiMinds Robotics - Learn more about mechanical assembly robot applications