Efficient programming and teaching of ABB robots

ArtiMinds – The alternative to ABB RobotStudio simulation software and programming in RAPID

ABB robot systems are usually programmed with the programming language RAPID , i.e. each work step must be taught to the robot by software command. In order to be able to develop robot applications on a PC even without hardware, ABB also offers the simulation and offline programming software RobotStudio .
ArtiMinds RPS reduces the programming effort to a minimum. Based on a template database with more than 60 motion patterns, sequences and sub-processes, the user creates his program modularly and intuitively. ArtiMinds replaces additional software like RobotStudio, generates the RAPID source code automatically and is therefore the optimal solution when it comes to programming and teaching ABB robots.

ABB’s portfolio of industrial robots includes 6-axis, delta, palletizing, SCARA, painting and collaborative robots. To solve the resulting various applications standardized software solutions and extensive application equipment designed to simplify the implementation and operation of ABB robots are available.

ArtiMinds supports all ABB 6-axis robots with IRC5 controller. The small 6-axis robots are particularly suitable for assembly work, the processing of small parts and as a control and testing device in the electrical industry as well as for material handling or the food & beverage industry.

ABB Robot Programming with ArtiMinds

However, these tasks in particular require a great deal of sensitivity and sensor-adaptive robot movements. This can make text-based programming in ABB’s RAPID programming language very time-consuming and complex, and requires special expert knowledge that goes beyond the process know-how for the actual application.

We would be happy to show you in an online demo the range of applications and how to program ABB robots with ArtiMinds.

Why programming ABB robots with ArtiMinds?

With the simulation software ABB RobotStudio, the robot program can be created and virtually tested even without a real robot, i.e. offline. For the subsequent exact parameterization and teaching of key poses, the user still needs special programming skills.

ArtiMinds stands for consistent robot programming and seamless combination of online and offline programming. Applications are automatically rebuild in the 3D simulation environment, allowing programming and configuration without shutting down production.

Even for force-controlled processes, ArtiMinds is the first choice. The predefined templates allow easy integration of sub-processes such as force-controlled plugging, searching or controlled joining or scanning of surfaces via drag and drop.
That means less programming effort, more application possibilities and robust applications for you without having to write a line of RAPID code for your ABB robot yourself.

ArtiMinds & ABB – Your Takeaways

  • ArtiMinds RPS as an alternative to ABB RobotStudio
  • Continuous programming without writing text-based code in RAPID
  • A software solution for online and offline programming, simulation and optimization
  • Native reusable script code is automatically generated
  • Robustly program force-controlled applications thanks to predefined proven sub-processes

Decide for a manufacturer-independent, flexible and consistent automation solution – decide for ArtiMinds.
We would be happy to show you the possibilities in a short online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - ArtiMinds RPS as an alternative to ABB’s simulation software RobotStudio

How does ArtiMinds support the efficiency of your ABB robot?

To get the most out of your ABB robot, ArtiMinds offers two approaches – ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) and ArtiMinds Learning & Analytics for Robots (LAR).

ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) combines as robot programming software both online and offline programming in an intuitive way to solve challenging robotic tasks of your ABB robot without writing a single line of RAPID source code. Integrate end effectors, force torque sensors, vision systems and PLC communication to create flexible automation solutions.

The automatically generated robot code runs directly on the ABB IRC5 robot controller – ArtiMinds RPS requires no additional hardware.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Simplify the programming of your ABB robots with ArtiMinds RPS

With ArtiMinds Learning & Analytics for Robots (LAR) you get detailed insights into the production processes of your ABB robot. Based on ArtiMinds RPS, live sensor data from the robot, force sensor, vision system and end effector are automatically transferred from the IRC5 robot controller. The sensor data is automatically annotated and permanently stored in your internal database. Analyze this sensor data using various KPIs and graphical evaluations. In this way, you are able to easily monitor production, analyze robot movements and optimize your ABB programs.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Analyze your ABB robot program with ArtiMinds LAR

What we can do to make ABB robots more efficient

With ArtiMinds RPS and LAR we facilitate the development and operation of flexible automation solutions with KUKA robots and many other robot types in almost all industries. Below you will find some application examples for programming KUKA robots with ArtiMinds. However, our solutions also help with the automation of processes in other areas.

ABB Roboter Programming in Practice


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In just a few minutes, we will show you how to plan, program, operate, analyze and optimize ABB robot applications cost-efficiently, intuitively and easily with ArtiMinds RPS.

The non-binding free online demo is the perfect way to get a first impression of the software, the application portfolio and if it suits your needs.

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