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Robotics is a broad field and there is still much to discover. Thus, we are also constantly developing our ArtiMinds robot software. We already offer a number of approaches that contribute to increased productivity and profitability. With ArtiMinds RPS & LAR, we support both collaborative and classic industrial robots as well as gripper systems, force-torque sensors and vision sensors.

Whether you are still looking around and gathering impressions or have already planned concrete robot applications – on the following pages you will find current and interesting information about our robotics products as well as interesting facts for daily practice. Simply take a look around at your leisure. We are happy to receive your questions and suggestions. For this purpose, please use our contact form.

From webinars and events to our robotics blog, the download and press area up to the FAQ section, there is always something new to discover and learn at ArtiMinds. Check this pages regularly and keep yourself up to date. Of course, you can also learn about new, important and interesting things about ArtiMinds via our newsletter. Simply subscribe and stay up to date.

If we have piqued your curiosity, you may want to experience how we can turn your robotic automation solution into reality in an online demo . Please feel welcome to communicate your recommendations and ideas to us.One of our application experts will contact you immediately to discuss the next steps.

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ArtiMinds for your robotic automation project

ArtiMinds for your robotic automation project

You want to integrate new and flexible automation processes into your workflows?

ArtiMinds is a leader in the development of innovative and sophisticated robot automation solutions, whether as a partial or overall concept. Our experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support from conceptual design to implementation. Get in touch – our specialists will provide you with comprehensive advice and work with you to develop an initial concept or feasibility study.

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In just a few minutes, we will show you how to plan, program, operate, analyze and optimize robot applications cost-efficiently, intuitively and easily with ArtiMinds RPS.

The non-binding free online demo is the perfect way to get a first impression of the software, the application portfolio and if it suits your needs.

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