Robots in laboratory automation

Higher throughput with less susceptibility to errors

Despite typical assembly task laboratory applications are also becoming increasingly automated. The goal is a higher throughput, faster and more reproducible results, and reduced susceptibility to errors. Deploy your robot with ArtiMinds RPS in a flexible way and easily adapt it to new tasks. Based on the broad set of communication interfaces, you can quickly integrate other laboratory equipment into your process and run programs directly from ArtiMinds RPS. If required, this can even eliminate the need for a PLC.

Today, robots are able to perform numerous different laboratory activities and take over work that is too dangerous or monotonous for humans.
The advantage: even with a large number of samples, exact reproducibility, i.e. recurring process stability and quality, is guaranteed and laboratory personnel are relieved.

For laboratory applications with small batch sizes, the focus is less on high throughput and more on high variability.

ArtiMinds RPS provides an extensive template database for all types of robot movements and tasks as well as a wide variety of interfaces. This makes it easy to implement even complex movements such as shaking or rotating test tubes or flasks, as well as force-controlled filling and emptying of pipettes.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Flexible and easy customization of robot systems

Application example: Pipetting and dispensing liquids

With ArtiMinds +Vision and a vision sensor, the robot is able to detect which test tube needs to be picked up during pipetting and dispensing. The contents are then filled into an Erlenmeyer flask. Afterwards the robot lifts the flask and shakes it, to mix the different contents.
For filling or draining the pipette, the gripper is closed until a certain force is reached to press the flexible ball head.

ArtiMinds Robotics – ArtiMinds Robotics - Automate laboratory applications flexibly and profitably

Further application examples:

  • Handling of laboratory glasses, tubes and sample vessels
  • Opening and closing screw caps
  • Pipetting and dispensing liquids or powders
  • Testing procedures

Industrial examples – short videos of real customer applications


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Trotz sehr flexibler und unterschiedlicher Produktvarianten und Stückzahlen gelang es Mann+Hummel, mit ArtiMinds RPS eine kosteneffiziente Automatisierungslösung für ihre Pick & Place Anwendung umzusetzen.

Why ArtiMinds Robotics?

With ArtiMinds RPS, you can easily and quickly create robotic applications for filigree and demanding automation processes and adapt the robot to new tasks without much effort. Because of the automated execution, a high and consistent quality is achieved and your laboratory staff is optimally supported and relieved.

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Highlights of ArtiMinds RPS for laboratory automation:

  • Fast programming of new tasks
  • Broad set of interfaces to laboratory equipment
  • Reduces need for PLCs

As an innovative solution and service provider in the field of robotics, ArtiMinds offers outstanding support when it comes to implementing your automation solution. See for yourself in an online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - Robot-based automation solutions for laboratory automation with ArtiMinds RPS
ArtiMinds-Robotics_Implement robot-supported automation projects efficiently

ArtiMinds for your robotic automation project

ArtiMinds for your robotic automation project

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