Surface processing by robots

Polishing – Grinding – Gluing – Deburring – Painting with ArtiMinds RPS

ArtiMinds RPS combines offline and online programming in a unique way to solve applications requiring precise tool paths. Easily create tool paths based on the CAD geometry of your parts or import a tool path directly from your CAD file. Quickly check for collisions and reachability to figure out the best layout of your robot cell. Connect to the real robot to calibrate the robot program, teach key poses and optimize parameters.

The challenges of robot-based surface processing, such as deburring, polishing or grinding, lie in the compensation of tolerances, the programming of sensor-adaptive processes and the handling of complex geometries. Furthermore the integration of force-torque sensors, camera systems or special tools and the interaction with the robot requires special programming skills.

The innovative functionalities of the ArtiMinds RPS enable the most diverse forms of surface processing. For example, thanks to the easy import of CAD files, robot motion paths can be simulated and created automatically.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Surface Processing Made Easy with ArtiMinds RPS

Application example: Deburring

The removal of burrs is a common step in the post processing of metal and plastic injection moulded parts. Since these can have complex geometries, path planning for deburring is difficult to implement. For this purpose the CAD2Path tool of the ArtiMinds RPS can be used. The CAD2path tool allows to import CAD model geometries into the RPS and to generate paths along a contour. In addition, the orientation of the TCP to the imported path is adjustable which is important for deburring operations.

Thanks to the large number of supported robots and peripheral devices as well as seamless online and offline programming, the ArtiMinds RPS software offers optimal support for robot-based surface processing tasks. Whether you need to to solve tasks like grinding with constant contact pressure, polishing detected defects, full-surface polishing or deburring of components with complex geometries – ArtiMinds RPS delivers the right robust robotic program for all challenges.


ArtiMinds Robotics - Polishing - Grinding - Gluing - Deburring - Painting

Further application examples:

  • Polishing and buffing of surfaces
  • Grinding and deburring of edges and corners
  • Glue bead dispensing
  • Painting

Industrial examples – short videos of real customer applications


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With ArtiMinds RPS, automation solutions are possible where classic robot programming reaches its limits. Read the detailed report on how Visomax Coating GmbH was able to develop new robot applications for force-controlled surface processing with the help of ArtiMinds RPS.

Why ArtiMinds Robotics?

With its sensor-adaptive and intelligent program templates, ArtiMinds RPS meets the diverse requirements of surface processing. Due to the hardware independence and the simple integration of force-torque and vision sensors, you benefit twice: You have a robust automation solution and yet remain flexible in your hardware setup and application.

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Highlights of ArtiMinds RPS for surface processing:

  • Easy tool path generation from CAD
  • Force-controlled, sensor-adaptive movements
  • Collision checks and reachability tests

As a leading solution and software provider for demanding robot applications, ArtiMinds Robotics supports you in all phases of your automation project: from planning & programming, commissioning and operation up to analysis and optimization. We would be happy to show you the possibilities in a short online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - Your Reliable Partner for Surface Processing tasks
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