Whitepa­per “Achiev­ing Automa­tion – but how?”

Levers – Pro­ce­dure – Tips & Tricks

Cost pres­sures, short­age of skilled work­ers, tense sup­ply chains, aspired reshoring, or unat­trac­tive work tasks – there are plenty of rea­sons for automat­ing processes. Our brand new whitepa­per answers impor­tant ques­tions such as: Which work tasks can be rea­son­ably auto­mated? How do you find the processes with the great­est automa­tion poten­tial in your pro­duc­tion? What role does robot-based automa­tion play? And what is the best approach dur­ing plan­ning and imple­men­ta­tion to avoid pit­falls?

Our whitepa­per “Achiev­ing Automa­tion – But How” is the ideal guide to suc­cess­ful automa­tion. Learn how to opti­mize your pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment and what ben­e­fits robotic automa­tion offers you and your company.

We pro­vide you with help­ful tips & tricks and guide you step by step from plan­ning to implementation.
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The guide­line shows step by step:

  • how to iden­tify poten­tial automa­tion opportunities
  • what you should con­sider when using indus­trial robots or cobots
  • the best approach and impor­tant tips for a suc­cess­ful automa­tion project
  • how to avoid pit­falls and pos­si­ble obstacles
  • the imple­men­ta­tion of prac­ti­cal “Advanced Robotics” appli­ca­tion examples


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