Effi­cient pro­gram­ming and teach­ing of KUKA robots

ArtiMinds – The soft­ware for KUKA.WorkVisual com­pat­i­ble robot programs

Stan­dard pro­gram­ming of KUKA robots is done by writ­ing KUKA Robot Lan­guage (KRL) code in the sys­tem soft­ware KUKA.WorkVisual or KUKA Sunrise.OS. Despite that KUKA.Sim specif­i­cally sup­ports the sim­u­la­tion of KRL pro­grams and offline programming.
When it comes to pro­gram­ming and teach­ing KUKA robots, the soft­ware ArtiMinds RPS is a real alter­na­tive, as all func­tions are avail­able in only one soft­ware and no script code has to be writ­ten. Even demand­ing robot appli­ca­tions can be eas­ily pro­grammed with ArtiMinds with­out hav­ing to write a sin­gle line of native KUKA pro­gram code yourself.

KUKA cur­rently offers around 25 indus­trial robots in numer­ous vari­ants with a wide vari­ety of pay­loads and ranges. KUKA robots are there­fore suit­able for almost all appli­ca­tions. In the areas of han­dling, assem­bly, pal­letiz­ing and pack­ag­ing, KUKA’s indus­trial robots have a great impact.

How­ever, the numer­ous appli­ca­tion pos­si­bil­i­ties and fea­tures also quickly make pro­gram­ming com­plex, and users often lack the pro­gram­ming skills, to take full advan­tage of all the func­tions and being able to use them for their application.

The robot pro­gram­ming soft­ware ArtiMinds RPS sup­ports all KUKA 6-axis robots with KR C4 and KR C5 (with KSS 8.7) con­troller.

Kuka robot programming with ArtiMinds

KUKA Robot Pro­gram­ming in Practice


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Why pro­gram­ming KUKA robots with ArtiMinds?

You would like to solve demand­ing tasks with your KUKA robot with­out hav­ing to put days of effort into pro­gram­ming? You are plan­ning your first robot-sup­ported automa­tion project and would like to use a KUKA robot? You would like to remain man­u­fac­turer-inde­pen­dent and be able to trans­fer appli­ca­tions to other robots with­out reprogramming?
With ArtiMinds soft­ware solu­tions you and your employ­ees are able to real­ize any kind of appli­ca­tion and to pro­gram and teach your robot your­self –  with­out the need for lengthy and expen­sive KUKA train­ing. Thanks to more than 60 pre­de­fined motion tem­plates, ArtiMinds ensures robust indus­trial appli­ca­tions and faster pro­gram­ming. That means less costs, more effi­ciency and new appli­ca­tion pos­si­bil­i­ties for you.


RPS Key Facts

ArtiMinds & KUKA – Your Takeaways

  • Native reusable KRL code is auto­mat­i­cally generated
  • Use the full func­tion­al­ity of the KUKA robot with­out spe­cial pro­gram­ming knowledge
  • ArtiMinds RPS as an alter­na­tive to KUKA.WorkVisual, KUKA.Sim or var­i­ous appli­ca­tion soft­ware from KUKA
  • A soft­ware solu­tion for online and offline pro­gram­ming, sim­u­la­tion and optimization

Choose a robust, flex­i­ble and afford­able automa­tion solu­tion – choose ArtiMinds.
We would be happy to show you the range of appli­ca­tions and how to pro­gram KUKA robots with ArtiMinds in an online demo.

ArtiMinds Robotics - ArtiMinds RPS as an alternative to KUKA system software

How does ArtiMinds sup­port the effi­ciency of your KUKA robot?

To get the most out of your KUKA robot, ArtiMinds offers two approaches – ArtiMinds Robot Pro­gram­ming Suite (RPS) and ArtiMinds Learn­ing & Ana­lyt­ics for Robots (LAR).

ArtiMinds Robot Pro­gram­ming Suite (RPS) com­bines as robot pro­gram­ming soft­ware both online and offline pro­gram­ming in an intu­itive way to solve chal­leng­ing robotic tasks of your KUKA robot with­out writ­ing a sin­gle line of KRL source code. Inte­grate end effec­tors, force torque sen­sors, vision sys­tems and PLC com­mu­ni­ca­tion to cre­ate flex­i­ble automa­tion solutions.

The auto­mat­i­cally gen­er­ated robot code runs directly on the KUKA KR C4 or KR C5 robot con­troller – ArtiMinds RPS requires no addi­tional hardware.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Simplify the programming of your Kuka robot with ArtiMinds RPS

With ArtiMinds Learn­ing & Ana­lyt­ics for Robots (LAR) you get detailed insights into the pro­duc­tion processes of your KUKA robot. Based on ArtiMinds RPS, live sen­sor data from the robot, force sen­sor, vision sys­tem and end effec­tor are auto­mat­i­cally trans­ferred from the KR C4 and KR C5 robot con­troller. The sen­sor data is auto­mat­i­cally anno­tated and per­ma­nently stored in your inter­nal data­base. Ana­lyze this sen­sor data using var­i­ous KPIs and graph­i­cal eval­u­a­tions. In this way, you are able to eas­ily mon­i­tor pro­duc­tion, ana­lyze robot move­ments and opti­mize your KUKA programs.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Analyze your KUKA robot program with ArtiMinds LAR

What we can do to make KUKA robots more efficient

With ArtiMinds RPS and LAR we facil­i­tate the devel­op­ment and oper­a­tion of flex­i­ble automa­tion solu­tions with KUKA robots and many other robot types in almost all indus­tries. Below you will find some appli­ca­tion exam­ples for pro­gram­ming KUKA robots with ArtiMinds. How­ever, our solu­tions also help with the automa­tion of processes in other areas.



In just a few min­utes, we will show you how to plan, pro­gram, oper­ate, ana­lyze and opti­mize KUKA robot appli­ca­tions cost-effi­ciently, intu­itively and eas­ily with ArtiMinds RPS.The non-bind­ing free online demo is the per­fect way to get a first impres­sion of the soft­ware, the appli­ca­tion port­fo­lio and if it suits your needs.

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