Robot-based quality con­trol and assurance

Robot-based testing appli­ca­tions using force-torque sen­sors and vision systems

The highly flex­ible and effi­cient robot pro­gram­ming with ArtiMinds RPS per­fectly fits the chal­lenges of tac­tile, visual and elec­trical quality con­trol. Easily imple­ment end-of-line tests with your robot based on the broad sup­port of force-torque sen­sors and vision sys­tems. ArtiMinds LAR offers novel insights into all robotic oper­a­tions of your pro­duc­tion process based on syn­chro­nized, high fre­quent live data of your robot, force-torque sensor, vision system and end effector and sim­pli­fies the robot-based quality inspection.

Quality assur­ance and testing of com­po­nents in man­u­fac­turing often still takes place by worker self-inspec­tion, i.e. man­u­ally by employees during pro­duc­tion. This can quickly result in mea­sure­ment inac­cu­ra­cies, errors and lack of doc­u­men­ta­tion.

With ArtiMinds RPS, mechan­ical, visual and elec­trical quality assur­ance using indus­trial robots becomes a repro­ducible and reli­able process. The inte­grated mea­sure­ment of occur­ring forces and moments enables con­tact-based con­trols. Vision sys­tems can be easily and con­ve­niently inte­grated. Process mon­i­toring enables plot­ting of live data as well as simple con­nec­tion to ERP, MES and SCM sys­tems.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Contact-based quality control with ArtiMinds RPS

Appli­ca­tion example: Quality assur­ance by means of endurance tests

For quality assur­ance rea­sons many prod­ucts are sub­jected to inten­sive endurance test. These tests often need a com­pli­cated struc­ture with a lot com­po­nents like pneu­matic or hydraulic cylin­ders, motors, linear units and a high design effort. This quality assur­ance processes can be auto­mated and sim­pli­fied by using a robot.

Using ArtiMinds it is pos­sible to create a sensor-adap­tive robot appli­ca­tion, e.g. for quality inspec­tion of a igni­tion lock. In this case the key needs to get inserted into the igni­tion lock. Then sev­eral igni­tion move­ments are per­formed, whereby the forces are monitored.
The soft­ware is able to com­pen­sate forces and torques during inser­tion to avoid jam­ming. After that a force con­trolled rota­tion is per­formed to imi­tate the igni­tion movement.

In the mean­while the analysis tool ArtiMinds LAR records forces, posi­tions, speed, etc. of all passes for doc­u­men­ta­tion pur­poses. The data is processed and visu­al­ized by ArtiMinds LAR automatically.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Quality control with force-torque sensors

Fur­ther appli­ca­tion examples:

  • Testing of but­tons, switches, hinges and knobs
  • Inserting and unplug­ging cables for elec­tronic quality control
  • Ultra­sonic testing and inspec­tion of cast­ings for voids, pores or cracks

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ArtiMinds RPS & LAR offer inno­v­a­tive func­tions and thus take the range of pos­sible robotic appli­ca­tions to a new level. Read here how ZF Friedrichshafen suc­ceeded in imple­menting the inspec­tion of work­pieces by X-ray image with the help of ArtiMinds soft­ware solu­tions in an eco­nom­ical and resource-saving way. 

Why ArtiMinds Robotics?

The sensor-adap­tive pro­gram tem­plates of ArtiMinds RPS enable the robot to follow the tra­jec­tory of com­po­nents force-con­trolled, so that the inte­gra­tion of vision sys­tems is often no longer nec­es­sary for quality con­trol and assur­ance appli­ca­tions. Fea­tures such as CAD2Path also min­i­mize the pro­gram­ming effort required for com­plex com­po­nent geome­tries by allowing motion paths to be gen­er­ated auto­mat­i­cally based on CAD data.

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High­lights of ArtiMinds RPS for quality assur­ance and quality control:

  • Easy setup of end-of-line tests
  • Direct testing during assembly
  • Broad sup­port of vision sys­tems and force-torque sensors

As a leading solu­tion and soft­ware provider for demanding robot appli­ca­tions, ArtiMinds Robotics sup­ports you in all phases of your automa­tion project: from plan­ning & pro­gram­ming, com­mis­sioning and oper­a­tion up to analysis and opti­miza­tion. We would be happy to show you the pos­si­bil­i­ties in a short online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - Economical quality inspections for changing small batches
ArtiMinds-Robotics_Implement robot-supported automation projects efficiently

ArtiMinds for your robotic automa­tion project

ArtiMinds for your robotic automa­tion project

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