Robot-based quality control and assurance

Robot-based testing applications using force-torque sensors and vision systems

The highly flexible and efficient robot programming with ArtiMinds RPS perfectly fits the challenges of tactile, visual and electrical quality control. Easily implement end-of-line tests with your robot based on the broad support of force-torque sensors and vision systems. ArtiMinds LAR offers novel insights into all robotic operations of your production process based on synchronized, high frequent live data of your robot, force-torque sensor, vision system and end effector and simplifies the robot-based quality inspection.

Quality assurance and testing of components in manufacturing often still takes place by worker self-inspection, i.e. manually by employees during production. This can quickly result in measurement inaccuracies, errors and lack of documentation.

With ArtiMinds RPS, mechanical, visual and electrical quality assurance using industrial robots becomes a reproducible and reliable process. The integrated measurement of occurring forces and moments enables contact-based controls. Vision systems can be easily and conveniently integrated. Process monitoring enables plotting of live data as well as simple connection to ERP, MES and SCM systems.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Contact-based quality control with ArtiMinds RPS

Application example: Quality assurance by means of endurance tests

For quality assurance reasons many products are subjected to intensive endurance test. These tests often need a complicated structure with a lot components like pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, motors, linear units and a high design effort. This quality assurance processes can be automated and simplified by using a robot.

Using ArtiMinds it is possible to create a sensor-adaptive robot application, e.g. for quality inspection of a ignition lock. In this case the key needs to get inserted into the ignition lock. Then several ignition movements are performed, whereby the forces are monitored.
The software is able to compensate forces and torques during insertion to avoid jamming. After that a force controlled rotation is performed to imitate the ignition movement.

In the meanwhile the analysis tool ArtiMinds LAR records forces, positions, speed, etc. of all passes for documentation purposes. The data is processed and visualized by ArtiMinds LAR automatically.

ArtiMinds Robotics - Quality control with force-torque sensors

Further application examples:

  • Testing of buttons, switches, hinges and knobs
  • Inserting and unplugging cables for electronic quality control
  • Ultrasonic testing and inspection of castings for voids, pores or cracks

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ArtiMinds RPS & LAR offer innovative functions and thus take the range of possible robotic applications to a new level. Read here how ZF Friedrichshafen succeeded in implementing the inspection of workpieces by X-ray image with the help of ArtiMinds software solutions in an economical and resource-saving way.

Why ArtiMinds Robotics?

The sensor-adaptive program templates of ArtiMinds RPS enable the robot to follow the trajectory of components force-controlled, so that the integration of vision systems is often no longer necessary for quality control and assurance applications. Features such as CAD2Path also minimize the programming effort required for complex component geometries by allowing motion paths to be generated automatically based on CAD data.

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Highlights of ArtiMinds RPS for quality assurance and quality control:

  • Easy setup of end-of-line tests
  • Direct testing during assembly
  • Broad support of vision systems and force-torque sensors

As a leading solution and software provider for demanding robot applications, ArtiMinds Robotics supports you in all phases of your automation project: from planning & programming, commissioning and operation up to analysis and optimization. We would be happy to show you the possibilities in a short online demo!

ArtiMinds Robotics - Economical quality inspections for changing small batches
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