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Force controlled polishing of painted surfaces using ArtiMinds RPS

Force controlled polishing of painted surfaces using ArtiMinds RPS



Visomax Coating GmbH is a leading system provider for grinding and polishing processes and approached us shortly after they first heard about the ArtiMinds Robotics software products. They had been looking for a long time for a way to automate the polishing and grinding processes of their robots. The Robot Programming Suite from ArtiMinds seemed to be the perfect solution.


The application involved the detection of defects on different components , to force controlled approach these and polish them afterwards. This involved not only realizing the polishing process in the robot application, but also integrating the necessary sensor components. The defects are detected by a camera system that transmits the coordinates to the robot. The robot including the force-torque sensor and the polishing head should then take over the rest. The greatest challenge of this application are defects, which can be located at different places on each single component. Therefore conventional robot programming was not possible for this application.


“Our greatest challenge are defects, which are located in different places on each single component. That´s why conventional robot programming was not possible in this case. With ArtiMinds RPS and the Force Module, we were able to significantly reduce the programming effort compared to conventional programming.”

Responsible for robot programming at VISOMAX


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With the help of ArtiMinds RPS, the VISOMAX team was able to simplify the teaching and programming of their robots to a maximum. The movement processes could be created quickly and easily using the standard templates. In addition, a path template was customized especially for VISOMAX to optimally record the polishing movement.

Another major advantage is the offline programming and simulation of the robot application in three-dimensional space. This enables VISOMAX already in the preparation phase to evaluate whether customer projects can be realized under the given factors and conditions.

“The support from ArtiMinds is more than extensive! If required, you always reach the right contact person at the right time”

– ANDREAS GÖTZ, Managing Director VISOMAX


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