Standardize your workflow for automating with robots

Our software family consisting of ArtiMinds RPS and ArtiMinds LAR enables you to standardize your workflow for automating with robots. Based on powerful task-based programming and the automatic generation of robot code, your view on challenging robot tasks will shift dramatically. Focus on your process know-how to build flexible automation solutions and not your programming skills. Choose the best standard hardware available and gain in-depth insights into your processes without being an expert data analyst. Our products support you in each phase of industrialization and operation of robot applications.

To learn more about the advantages of automating with the ArtiMinds software family visit the specific product pages.

ArtiMinds RPS offers a unique programming approach to simplify planning, setup and programming your robot application. At the heart of Artiminds RPS is a large template database to solve challenging robot tasks like force control, vision sensing and PLC communication – without writing a single line of robot program code. Choose from different programming techniques like Wizards or CAD to set up each template. At all times, you can switch between offline programming with CAD and online programming with the real robot, which requires only a network connection. Based on the templates, ArtiMinds RPS will automatically generate robot code for the standard controller of the robot manufacturer. No additional hardware is required during production and a broad set of robots and standard hardware components is supported – allowing a lean entry into flexible automation.

ArtiMinds LAR assists you in operating, analyzing and optimizing the robot application during production. Building on top of ArtiMinds RPS, live sensor data of the robot will be captured automatically with high frequency. ArtiMinds LAR will split the sensor data precisely into segments for each template and analyze it based on the template type. All runs will be stored in an in-house database along with ArtiMinds RPS project revisions for later inspection. Based on novel source of information, ArtiMinds LAR enables you to inspect your production processes with unmatched details, optimize the production to increase throughput and monitor the execution of the robot.