Automation Engineering

ArtiMinds is the perfect partner for your flexible automation solution. Our application experts have tremendous experience in solving challenging automation tasks requiring force sensors, vision systems or complex tool paths.

Our ArtiMinds Automation Engineering team will assist you in the planning of your automation project, the implementation of a prototype and empower you with the required know-how to build a flexible automation solution yourself.

Benefit from our know-how in your first flexible automation project:


Concept consultancy

Based on our broad experience in sensor-based robotics, ArtiMinds creates innovative concepts for flexible automation solutions minimizing the need for special purpose machinery. Considering state-of-the-art technology, our concept consultancy will reduce the time to launch your challenging automation solution significantly.

Identification of key challenges

Key challenges of your process can be quickly identified and narrowed down by ArtiMinds experts. Profit from our leading know-how in flexible automation to minimize your risks and shorten lengthy feasibility studies for new approaches considerably.




Feasibility studies

Concepts and key challenges can be quickly examined and evaluated using the broad set of available robots and peripherals at ArtiMinds. Feasibility studies build the foundation to dive into new areas of flexible automation solutions. Our documentation contains highly detailed insights into your processes based on ArtiMinds LAR.

Realization of technology prototypes

ArtiMinds fully supports you in the realization of a prototype of your automation solution. Highly sophisticated technical challenges, where no turnkey solution is available on the market, will be addressed and realized. The result will be an outstanding technology flagship that can lead to a significant competitive advantage.


Transfer of process know-how

The ArtiMinds software family enables you to standardize your automation workflow. One of the key advantages is the management, refinement and reusability of your process know-how leading to a significant competitive advantage. Therefore, the complete transfer of the generated know-how marks the end of every project with ArtiMinds. We ensure that you are able to extend this know-how independently, afterwards.

Strategically organize and refine process know-how

ArtiMinds is aware of the high importance of process know-how in the changing manufacturing world. We will assist you to develop new processes to strategically organize the process know-how as well as optimize the process to refine it. Our most experienced experts will work with you to identify hidden potentials and define cleary structured processes.

Let us talk about your automation project!

Do you want to industrialize a specific product and would benefit from our support? ArtiMinds assists you during your first steps in flexible automation: contact our experts and get started with a first concept or a small feasability study! Start automating with ArtiMinds today!

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