Universal Robots+

ArtiMinds Essentials

ArtiMinds Essentials is an add-on for Universal Robots to guide the robot arm using force-torque measurements and to capture and play continuous paths, e.g. for polishing applications. It runs independent of ArtiMinds RPS and can be installed directly on the Universal Robots controller using UR+.


Supports different force-torque sensors by ATI, Robotiq, OptoForce and Weiss Robotics

  • Easy configuration of sensor mounting

Guide the robot using force-torque measurements to drastically reduce teaching time

  • Choose different axes for force-sensitive motions, e.g. only translate in Z
  • Choose and configure different speed profiles
  • Tare the sensor on demand
  • Restrict motion to a certain area
  • Automatically obtains tool-center-point

Capture and play continuous paths

  • Captures paths at a specified rate, e.g. 125Hz
  • Stores paths incrementally for fast teaching
  • Generates .urp and .script files for integration in existing Polyscope programs


For UR CB-Series: ArtiMinds Essentials Version 1.27 (*.zip-archive)

For UR e-Series: ArtiMinds Essentials Version 2.0 (*.zip-archive)