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Program your robot in 3 steps:

1. Drag & Drop task sequence

2. Teach-in for parameterization

3. Press 'play' to simulate & execute

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ArtiMinds RPS


PPMA Total Show, 27th - 29th Sep,, Birmingham, stand E20 with RARUK

MOTEK 2016, 10 - 13th Oct, Stuttgart, stand 7415

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Features & Usage

See how our software makes your robot even more powerful and benefit from the award-winning ArtiMinds RPS. Get to know the highly innovative RPS for very fast and intuitive programming of complex robot tasks, including sensor-adaptive motions. The software may be used both by integrators when building a solution as well as end-users for easy and fast post-installation adaptation.

Our versatile features:

Intuitive Programming

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  • Programming via drag’n’drop and graphical user guidance.
  • No textual code programming needed
  • Few teach-in poses required, teach via pendant, guiding or CAD
  • Direct execution on controller, auto-matic translation into HW-specific code
  • User interface adjustable to user level (robot novice to expert)
Force Control

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Force-module allows advanced robot automation addressing variances, e.g.,

  • Position, orientation, size or shape
  • Deformable surface, flexible material
  • Varying surface properties or friction

Controller complexity hidden from novices, while experts can alter all parameters.

Vision Control (2D/3D)

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  • 3D-vision integration ongoing
Reusable Skills

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  • Easy reuse and adaptation of previously developed tasks
  • Build-up of own domain-specific, reusable skill libraries
  • Safeguard process development intellectual property by encryption protected with hardware dongle

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  • Offline programming, hybrid use with online programming
  • Support of CAD-data import of 30+ file formats including STEP, IGES, …
  • Advanced constraint-based collision-free motion planning
  • Cycle-time optimization features as planning with target regions, bundles of alternative trajectories, etc.

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  • Simulate your robot cell
  • Cycle-time optimization features as planning with target regions, bundles of alternative trajectories, etc.